Saturday, November 21, 2009

Livable Community-Revitalization Initiatives (Destiny Driver #10)

By 2015 revitalization initiatives will energize our downtowns and retail centers, increasing commercial and retail sales.

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  1. It would be “awesome” to have some 24/7 place to do various daily activities (e.g. gas, restaurant, store/groceries, etc…). For example, one of those unique “truck stops” you find along many interstates. I know we are not located on an interstate highway, but if you look in the map-we are 45-60 minutes away from all directions from a major “town/city” (e.g. NE-Alexandria, E-Sauk Centre, SE-Wilmar, etc..). Thus, Morris is located in a busy “intersection” in west-central Minnesota, which the town/city can “capitalize” on this thru-traffic location. What do you all think? How do we actually “sell” this idea to a business (not a BIG one or corporation) to come here do something similar to this?