Thursday, November 12, 2009

Innovative Economy-UMM Grads Get Professional Employment (Destiny Driver #4)

By 2010 at least ten UMM graduates will gain professional employment in Stevens County that leverages their talents and provides opportunity for career advancement.

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  1. Fischer finds work for others
    8/17/11 KMRS

    A Morris student is helping to find work for his fellow students. UMM student Clay Fischer has spent the summer identifying possible internships with the Douglas County Lakes Association. The non-profit association is in need of interns and Morris students are in need of internships, making a perfect match.

    So far, Fischer has identified four major projects involving communications, research, water testing, and lake shore restoration.With so many potential projects for the future, Fischer's work is only the tip of the iceberg.

    An environmental studies major with a minor in communications, Fischer believes that "communications is a big part of environmental studies." He says the best part of the project has to be all of the people he's met. The project received support from the University of Minnesota West Central Sustainability Partnership and the Center for Small Towns.